by MP - 12:01 on 23 July 2016


We had a rapid 3 weeks this summer to finish up digging in the open area excavation at Reeds Park Cromarty! And thanks to our fabulous experienced team, the work produced some amazing results. Some of the highlights include: the identification of the burning event across the whole of the settlement on the north side of Thiefs Row - showing definitively how it predated our 4 stone-built NE-SW aligned buildings and how substantial buildings lay below this; earlier paved vennel surfaces; we found heaps of diagnostic medieval pottery, many fragments of bronze objects, spindle whorls; we excavated a structure containing a substantial depost of burnt grain (kiln or storage?); and we recovered some fantastic stone tools, including stones probably used for fish hook sharpening.

Which leads us to the quern situation. The presence of querns on the site has been overwhelming, with there being some particularly intriguingly rare quern types. The querns are resued in hearths, post settings, building walls, floor surfaces...but the most intriguing had to be the sequence of quern hearth settings at the west end of the site!

Much excitement was also generated after excavation of a large keyhole-shaped pit that had cut through a medieval ash midden. The pit contained a clay and stone-lined well, with steps. Intriguingly the well appeared to have been closed-off in one event, after a pony carcass had been deposited in the base...  

Courtesy: James McComas

We would like to say a HUGE thank you from the project team to the 2016 volunteers and all of the visitors and local Cromarty residents who continue to show interest in this amazing archaeological project!!

Now on to the planning for our 12th November seminar, where our specialists and archaeological team will present and discuss the project results. This will be held at the Cromarty Stables and is open to the public! Contact us for more information and hurry now to book accommodation in the town. More information will be forthcoming...

Courtesy: Pat Haynes


Comment from Ann Mee at 14:43 on 23 July 2016.
Well done , looking forward to 12 November
Comment from Jonie at 15:26 on 23 July 2016.
I am so pleased the 2016 dig went so well and I felt very privileged to be part of it

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