Wet Wednesday morning and fantastic finds!

by Mary & Steven - 21:38 on 07 August 2013


The team made great progress on finds washing this morning whilst waiting for the heavy rain to subside.  After an early lunch, our enthusiastic squad made amazing progress - identifying some key features in our sub-trenches and making some great finds.


Young people hard at work                                                                   Medieval pottery found below the south side of Thief's Lane


In the trench crossing the site, we identified an earlier surface of Thiefs Lane, with a ditch on one side and emerging structures at both ends.  Steven also found a second and probably contemporary, well-built Medieval wall in his corner of the site, whilst Dave's teenagers recovered some more of the same Medieval pottery found in the road section; and in the trench along the shoreline the shell midden and ash deposits revealed a decorated spindle whorl and part of a bronze or copper bracelet (?).



Steven's sub-trench, showing two sections of walling                             Decorated spindle whorl (top) and fragment of possible bracelet


All in all, a good day - but we can't believe how time is whizzing by!


Please check out SCHARP's excellent blog from yesterday - Ellie and the volunteers are making great progress and important discoveries on the shoreline erosions...




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