Medieval walls and Medieval finds!

by Unknown - 21:39 on 08 August 2013


I apologise now that I haven't included any photographs of the finds from today - but our collection of distinctively Medieval pottery is growing rapidly now!  We have uncovered the remains of walls from Medieval Cromarty in at least three sections of the site - giving us a good idea of the scope of survival of the Medieval archaeology in Reeds Park and also corresponding with the sequence of archaeological material in the shoreline erosions.  The sub-trenches have been useful for us to understand the survival of the archaeology.  Normally we are finding well-built stone walls with a sand and clay core, and associated deposits of dense ash and shell middens containing animal bone, shell and fish bone, pottery sherds and iron rivets.  It will be interesting to see how the samples and finds from across the site tell us more about the economy from the period.  Certainly we are surprised to see how substantial the Medieval buildings are - suggesting that Cromarty was an important Medieval burgh!


SW corner of the excavation, which revealed two contemporary and well-built Medieval walls


And not only that, we have the Post Medieval settlement remains surviving above all of this - there will certainly be a story to tell about Cromarty from all of the artefacts from the 1300s to the end of the 1800s! 


Please come and visit the site and see it all for yourself!


Looking across the site, a hive of activity today!



Comment from Jack Bain at 08:41 on 09 August 2013.
Visited yesterday with my wife and nephew, and was very impressed with the extent of the dig. I grew up just yards from here, in Clunes Cottage, and my sisters and myself used to play in this very field. Little did we know.

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